Purple Queen Automatic
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Purple Queen Automatic


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Purple Queen Automatic has more to offer than a pretty face. This calming strain penetrates deep into your body and mind to dispel tension and stress. This purple beauty was created from a clever cross between parent strains Purple Auto, for its stunning looks, and Critical Auto, for its indica dominance. The result is Purple Queen Automatic. This heavily indica-dominant (80%) lady turns your world upside down with blissful relaxation.

Want to relieve stress? Look no further! Everyone struggles with stress, both at work and at home. Often the solution is to take a deep breath and a warm bath. But if you really need a break, fill a joint or pipe with Purple Queen Automatic. The high relieves tense muscles. You break through irrational thoughts and reduce anxiety. You also experience waves of euphoria with every puff. Your favorite playlist sounds even better and she puts a smile on your face.

Purple Queen Automatic’s terpene profile only adds to the delightful smoking experience. Thanks to exotic, diverse scents and flavors, you’re well grounded in the present. Her purple buds exude the aromas of skunk, fruit and citrus. Each puff treats your taste buds to contrasting sweet, bitter and spicy flavors.

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