MDNX – “Nitro Ecstasy” – 4 pcs

MDNX – “Nitro Ecstasy” – 4 pcs


MDNX is a natural party formula that gives you a sensational boost of energy with an insatiable appetite for partying. You can also keep dancing all night long with this! The tablets have a lime flavor.

You can also combine the tablets with alcohol, but drink in moderation.


Take 1 tablet 45 minutes before the desired effect with water. You can also take the tablets with fruit juice.

Do not exceed the recommended dose of 1 tablet per 24 hour period.


Guarana extract, vitamins (Ascorbic acid, Niacin, Methylcobalamin), Chromium III Chloride, ginger powder, aroma (lime), coloring (E 102, E131).


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