Mini HerbSaver (multiple colors available)

Mini HerbSaver (multiple colors available)


Mini HerbSaver

Unlike your regular grinder, HerbSaver has developed a grinder that not only shreds your herbs, but also fluffs them!

Replace your pollen sieve / clean your grinder in no time with our new friction fit technology. HerbSaver™ Grinder can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Each grinder comes with a handy pollen scraper. Made from medical grade PP and a step above your average aluminum grinder.

HerbSaver™ Grinder not only gives your dry herb the perfect grind/consistency, it also contains a large amount of herbs and pollen.

Water repellent
Odor resistant
Medical Grade PP
Friction Fit Pollen Screen for Easy Cleaning / Replacement
Magnetic lid
Very sharp grinder teeth
Handy pollen scraper
1 stainless steel pollen sieve disc

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Black Glitters, Light Blue, Mint Glitters, Mint, Black, Dark Blue, Green, Pink Glitters, Red, Pink, Purple, White