VapCap M 2021 – DynaVap

VapCap M 2021 – DynaVap


DynaVap recently launched new versions of three of their VapCaps, including the iconic VapCap M!

The M 2021 features an even richer textured housing for improved grip. It also has a new ribbed Septa tip for optimized airflow and heat retention. The round extraction chamber can also be used as an integrated grinder.

In addition to the new and better texture, the 2021 VapCap M still has all the features that DynaVap is known for, and that have made the VapCap M a leading portable vaporizer: the functional geometry of the “Captive Cap”, the faceted tip with airflow teeth, “adjust-a-bowl technology” to reduce the extraction chamber by 50%, dual blowholes to adjust airflow, and a 10mm tapered mouthpiece that fits 10mm female connections.

  • Features of the VapCap M 2021
    Without batteries, with a built-in temperature indicator
  • “Captive Cap”
  • “Adjust-a-bowl technology” with two settings for easy microdosing
  • Medical Grade Stainless Steel Case
  • Advanced double blowholes
  • 10mm . tapered mouthpiece
  • Suitable for concentrates (capsule required)
  • Create your ideal experience with a wide selection of accessories
  • Size: 92mm

The VapCap M 2021 is shipped in a 100% recyclable cardboard packaging.


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