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What is Valerian?

The name Valerian comes from the Latin word Valere, which means “to be strong and healthy”.

Valerian is an herb with calming and relaxing properties. The effects of Valerian are subtle, but very effective. Valerian relaxes the mind, making it an ideal herb to induce and maintain sleep. Valerian is often mixed with other herbs. For example, it is not uncommon to combine Valerian with Skullcap, as these two herbs produce a great synergy to relieve tension and relax the mind.

Valerian is a plant found in Europe and Asia. The plant can grow up to 1.2 metres tall and produces sweet-smelling, trumpet-shaped flowers. The roots can be used fresh or dried. When you dry the roots, they produce an extremely strong smell, which is (unfortunately) reminiscent of sweat socks.

Valerian has been used since Roman times. Scientific research has confirmed that Valerian can reduce tension and induce sleepiness.

Dosage & usage

Use a few tablespoons on half a litre of water and let this boil gently for 5 minutes in a covered pan. This way the beneficial vapours cannot escape. Then let it cool down and drink it with some honey.

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