Indian Spirit – Frozen Gelato (automatic)
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Indian Spirit – Frozen Gelato (automatic)


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Frozen Gelato (automatic)

The Frozen Gelato comes from the Braindamage crossed with Gelato. The result is a powerful cannabis strain with a high THC content. Subsequently, a backcross was made with the Gelato strain. The THC level still remained high with a nice taste from the Gelato strain.

Additional information :
CBD : Low
Indoor height: 80 cm – 100 cm
Flowering time indoors: 11 weeks
Genetics : 20% Indica / 80% Sativa
Mold resistant : High
Height outside : 100 cm – 120 cm
Parents : Gelato 41 x Braindamage
Taste : Ice cream & Cookies with a fresh touch
THC : 15-20%
Yield Indoor: 650-750 G/m2
Climate : Can withstand hot and cold climates

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