Indian Spirit – XL Banana Milkshake (automatic)
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Indian Spirit – XL Banana Milkshake (automatic)


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XL Banana Milkshake (automatic)

XL Banana Milkshake is the result of crossing the Strawberry Banana with the Sunset Sherbet. The XL Banana Milkshake will taste very sweet and fruity. Smoking this special strain will leave you feeling physically stoned, but your mind will remain clear. So this is a good strain to relax or use for pain relief.

The XL Banana Milkshake will grow into a small/medium bushy plant. She has the ability to withstand stress and overfeeding. It will also be resistant to different climates. The harvest can be huge! Maybe not so much in volume, but in weight.

The beautiful buds are light green in color and well sugared with beautiful THC crystals. The THC level of the XL Banana Milkshake is therefore very high.

Additional information :
CBD : Average
Indoor height : 110 cm – 160 cm
Flowering time indoors: 11 weeks
Genetics : 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
Mold resistant : High
Height outside : 100 cm – 130 cm
Parents : Strawberry Banana x Sunset Sherbet
Taste : Sweet & Fruity
THC : 21-25%
Yield Indoor: 650-750 G/m2
Climate : can withstand hot and cold climates


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