Haze Berry Automatic
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Haze Berry Automatic


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Haze Berry Automatic is the sativa-dominant successor to the legendary Haze Berry. Our experienced breeders have crossed the stimulating beauty with a premium ruderalis, to provide her with autoflowering properties. Haze Berry is a well-known name in the global cannabis community. The variety descended from Afghani genetics and came to life in the cannabis mecca of California. People praise her for her intense terpene profile and stimulating high. By crossing this strain with an autoflower, our breeders have made it much easier to grow and quicker to harvest.

Haze Berry Automatic has inherited the characteristic high of Haze Berry (Blue Dream). Its sativa-dominant effects boost activity in the central nervous system and keep the mind occupied. However, her buds contain a THC content of only 13%. While this may seem relatively low, it is ideal for many blowers. The psychoactive effects are subtle and easily controlled, but present. This makes her a great strain to smoke throughout the day. Haze Berry Automatic can be consumed between tasks, for example, to elicit a similar effect as a cup of coffee. She delivers light stimulation and refreshes the mind for a more creative mindset.

Haze Berry Automatic also has a similar terpene profile to Haze Berry. Her dense, clumpy buds emit a pungent scent of fruit and sweetness. Fruity flavors are also present when smoking and vaping and are excellent for baking psychoactive treats.

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