Sweet ZZ Automatic
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Sweet ZZ Automatic


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Sweet ZZ Automatic is a groundbreaking success in the universe of autoflowering genetics. It outperforms most other hybrids in strength, flavor and yield. Because of its ease of cultivation, novice growers like to choose an autoflowering variety. More experienced growers usually choose a photoperiod variety because of its higher yield weight. Sweet ZZ Auto combines these characteristics and this is obviously advantageous for beginners and veterans alike. This lady is undemanding and the final yield competes with most photoperiodic specimens.

Sweet ZZ Automatic is blessed with an indica-dominant genetic profile. This is noticeable in a mostly body stone. To describe the effects as relaxing would be to sell her short. A sample was sent to a lab and it turns out that she contains a whopping 18% THC. Such a huge concentration of this cannabinoid has narcotic effects on your body. Anxiety and stress disappear like snow in the sun. Sweet ZZ Auto is excellent for recreational use. You and your smoking buds will be completely out of this world. Order some food, put on a good movie and escape the daily grind.

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