Metal Clipper Lighter — Blue Gradient

Metal Clipper Lighter — Blue Gradient


Quality metal flint lighter from the ‘Clipper’ brand. The flame has a set standard size. The flame increases when the lighter is held at an angle. Ideal for smoking weed pipes and bongs. These lighters are refillable and the flint is easy to replace.

Metal Clipper Lighter – Blue Gradient

These metal clipper lighters come in a metal gift box. The size of the flame is easy to adjust.


The Clipper metal lighters have a wheel at the bottom of the lighter to control the size of the flame. This is especially useful when lighting different bongs. Because the flint and the ignition pin are replaceable, and you can refill the lighter with gas, the lighter is very durable. The removable ignition pin is also ideal for tamping your joint.

The metal Clippers are of high quality and very handy. They are packed in a stylish metal gift box.


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