EZ Test Ecstasy – Drug test

EZ Test Ecstasy – Drug test


This XTC test shows in no time whether a pill or capsule contains Ecstasy (MDMA), ‘XTC’, DXM, 2C-B/C/I DOB DOI, Methylone, Butlylone, Naphyrone, Meth, amphetamine or opiates.

Test your ecstasy yourself at home and reliably. In many XTC pills in circulation substances are regularly found that certainly do not belong in them, these chemicals can be very dangerous and even deadly. Some ecstasy pills contain substances other than MDMA, for example to cut the substance or make it cheaper to produce. Possible effects of these are nausea, anxiety, insomnia and as mentioned they are even fatal in some cases.

Precisely for this reason, it is always wise to test your Ecstasy pills. Even if you are not in doubt about your drug, it is wise to test it. Only a minimal amount of the drugs (pill capsule or powder) is needed to test the drugs, so it is not a waste of the drugs. In addition, the test is also extremely easy to use.

Open the ampoule with test reagent
Place the sample
Let the ingredients mix
Watch the color reaction.

The product is delivered Including an information sheet, color legend and extensive user manual in various languages. Only a small amount of powder or piece of a pill is needed to perform a test.


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