EZ Test LSD – Drug test

EZ Test LSD – Drug test


The LSD on the market today is often heavily contaminated. This is because the production process of LSD is very complicated, and the necessary chemicals are difficult to obtain.

Often a stamp contains a substance other than LSD, for example 25B-NBOME, 25I-NBOME, DOB or DOI. These drugs can have unpleasant side effects such as nausea, anxiety attacks and insomnia. In some cases it can even be fatal.

This EZ Test for LSD helps determine if a substance contains LSD or other indoles. After all, you’re never quite sure what you’re getting from your dealer. That’s why we always recommend testing your stuff. With this simple test you can find out if LSD or other indoles are present in the product you have purchased. Dealers often use additives to dilute their product and not all agents are harmless.

The EZ Test LSD and Indoles is very user-friendly. All you need to do is put a little of your product in the reagent bottle and shake it gently. You will see the result within a few seconds.


1. Open the ampoule with test reagent

2. Place the sample

3. Let the ingredients mix

4. Watch the color reaction.

Including an information sheet, color legend and extensive user manual in various languages. Only a small amount of powder or piece of a pill is needed to perform a test.


This EZ-Test only gives an indication of a substance present. There is no 100% guarantee of accuracy. If you still have doubts about the ingredients, have it tested by an official agency. No rights or statements can be derived from the EZ-test.


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