Electric USB Lighter — Soldier

Electric USB Lighter — Soldier


The Novi lighter is an electrically rechargeable USB lighter and is easy to use. This unique lighter fits into any USB port and it takes approximately one hour to charge. The Novi lighter is not like a regular lighter. It contains no gas, therefore does not produce a flame, is environmentally friendly, can be charged in all USB ports and can be used in all weather conditions.

The Novi lighter is an electrically rechargeable USB lighter. An ideal combination between durability and convenience! In addition, it offers many advantages compared to a standard gas lighter. For example, the lighter can be used in all weather conditions, contains no chemicals or toxic liquids and can be recharged every time. The lighter does not use gas, so it does not produce a flame and is therefore a lot safer to use. Is the lighter empty? Then it can easily be charged in any USB port, so don’t throw away lighters anymore and make the conscious choice for a sustainable product.

  • 15 x 70mm
  • USB lighter is neatly packaged and has a clear description
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly


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