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Entada Rheedii

Entada Rheedii, the seeds of the African Dream Herb, have been used to induce lucid dreams for centuries. They are large, flat seeds with a dark chocolate color. The seeds are often found on beaches after washing up there. Often on the eastern coast of southern Africa.

If you are looking for visual dreams or maybe even lucid dreams then Entada Rheedii seeds might be what you are looking for! These seeds have been used to induce spiritual dreams for centuries. In South Africa, it is used by traditional healers to induce vivid dreams that allow them to communicate with their ancestors. The seeds are pulverized and smoked in a pipe before going to sleep.

Entada Rheedii is also used as an ointment against many ailments such as; jaundice, toothache, ulcers and to treat musculoskeletal problems. In Asia, sometimes a paste is made from leaves, bark and roots, used to clean wounds, treat burns.

You can also make tea from Entada Rheedii seeds. This improves circulation of the blood to the brain.


Entada Rheedii can be taken in one of two recommended ways. First you need to break open the hard outer shell to get to the meat. A hammer and chisel can be useful. Once you have the meat, you can eat it raw immediately. It’s quite delicious; the taste is reminiscent of a macadamia nut.

Another way is to grind or cut the meat and smoke it.

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