Critical Kush
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Critical Kush


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Critical Kush cannabis seeds from Royal Queen Seeds produce a cannabis that is ideal for a relaxing smoking experience. Its high THC content relaxes both body and mind and is helpful in relieving stress and pain. Again, the strain is not so strong that it knocks a smoker out for an extended period of time. The high will help reduce tension and stress, while allowing the user to carry out the tasks of the day as usual. It is also an excellent strain to smoke before bed because it will provide a restful sleep throughout the night.

Critical Kush has an excellent taste that goes along with a pleasant but not overwhelmingly powerful effect. The smoke has a distinctly earthy quality with aromatic and spicy undertones. Some strains are too musky to enjoy deeply, but Critical Kush has just the right mix of strong flavor and subtle complexity that make for a truly enjoyable smoking experience.


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