Mother Gorilla (Voorheen Royal Madre)
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Mother Gorilla (Voorheen Royal Madre)


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Mother Gorilla has a stimulant effect typical of sativa-dominant varieties. However, her high does not cause unwanted nervousness or paranoia. Instead, she offers a perfect level of energy and excitement. She causes the mind to wake up quickly and neurons to move through the brain without being overwhelming. Users experience a stimulating and creative mindset that, at small doses, is often suitable for artistic and athletic activities. Smoke a little more, however, and the effect becomes downright euphoric.

The strain is great for small gatherings and parties and puts you in a social mood. On the other hand, she is also ideal to enjoy at home, when you are looking for some inspiration and introspection.

Mother Gorilla’s buds have an impressive THC content of 23-25% – more than enough to experience therapeutic effects if you use medicinally. The strain has the potential to relieve pain and whet the appetite. This weed also contains hefty levels of the terpene caryophyllene, a type of “nutritional cannabinoid”. The strain is also rich in the mood-enhancing and relaxing terpenes limonene and myrcene. This terpene profile culminates in flavors of rich chocolate and earth, complemented by sweetness and spice.

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