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Great Mullein, the King’s Wort

What is Mullein?

Great Mullein (Verbascum thapsus) is a tall plant known for its velvety leaves. The plant can grow 2 metres or higher and produces beautiful yellow flowers. It is mainly found on open uncultivated land, along roadsides and in the dunes. In other parts of the Netherlands, this plant is rare.

The Dutch translation of the plant is “Koningskaars”. This plant used to be a very sacred plant. With its help, one could ward off sorcery. In the Middle Ages, the plant was given the royal name to indicate its dignity.

From time immemorial, the royal candle has been used as a tea, but sometimes also as an incense.

What is Great Mullein good for?

Great Mullein is very good to use as a tea for the airways and the throat, but also has a healthy influence on the resistance! A very good herb to use in the autumn and winter months. It loosens mucus. The saponins in this plant play a major role in this. The mucilage has a soothing effect on the mucous membranes. The plant also has an anti-inflammatory effect. All these effects together make it a cough suppressing natural medicine.

Besides its medicinal function, Great Mullein also had a cosmetic function. An infusion of this plant was used to lighten the hair.

Dosage & usage

Put the tea in a cup (preferably with a tea strainer) and pour boiling water over it. Allow the tea to brew for 5 minutes. Drink a maximum of two to three cups per day, hot or cold. You may add honey for flavour.

Use about 2 to 4 grams per day