Clipper Classic Cover – Jamaica

Clipper Classic Cover – Jamaica


You will receive one of the Clipper lighters of the picture shown. If you have a strong preference for one of the designs, please indicate this with your order. This will be taken into account if possible.

Clipper Cover Lighter – Jamaica

This is a quality flint lighter from the brand ‘Clipper’. The flame has a set standard size. The flame increases when the lighter is tilted. Ideal for smoking weed pipes, bongs, cigarettes and cigars. These lighters are refillable, so good for the environment, the flint is also easy to replace. These beautiful lighters have many different designs, also nice to give away!

• Good for 3000 ignitions
• The flints are replaceable
• Flame increases when the lighter is tilted
• Including rammer (under the flint)


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