Black Maca – 5:1 Extract – 100G

Black Maca – 5:1 Extract – 100G


New recipe: 5x Extract! NLNaturals Black Maca It gives a strong feeling of euphoria, relaxation, sharpness and energy. Ment says it greatly enhances Libido and memory. A golden addition to the collection of extracts. Maca is a true ‘superfood’ with enormous benefits on many different levels.

NL Natural Black Maca proudly sets the stage for energy, libido and memory. Black Maca is especially good for the men among us. It gives a strong feeling of euphoria, relaxation, sharpness and energy. A next level Favorite!

Black Maca Extract

Black Maca Extract has many scientifically tested properties and health benefits. It is a source of vitamins, minerals, protein, amino acids and complex carbohydrates, but Black Maca also contains an impressive amount of bioactive compounds and antioxidants, which are the source of many of its benefits.

Maca is known as a powerful adaptogen, meaning it is a substance that helps increase the body’s natural resistance to environmental stress.

How Maca Works

Maca is packed with essential nutrients that help the body in its regeneration process, ultimately helping to replenish various problems and ensure a beautiful balance and well-being.


1 to a maximum of 2 teaspoons per day.


To be taken with water. Take the desired dosage and wash it away with water.



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