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Huni Kuin – Katsarau

This rapé is a very exclusive, powerful and healing rapé of the huni kuin tribe. It is highly recommended for experienced users. Perfect for users who want to dive deeper into their meditation or for users who want peace of mind after a hard day’s work.

The ingredients remain with the Huni Kuin tribe.

Not for beginners!

Huni Kuin – Cumaru

The Huni Kuin Cumaru rapé is one of the most popular rapés today. The indigenous tribes consider the Cumaru tree and its spirit to be one of the most important teachers of the rainforest. They call this rapé the “Black Rapé“. According to their tradition, it protects against low energies and spirits. Cumaru rapé has several medicinal properties, which offer benefits in fighting various diseases.

Huni Kuin – Pitakaya

We proudly present this beautiful Pitakaya rapé. One of our most powerful rapés from the Huni Kuin tribe. It will take you to another state of being, a beautiful inner journey. This medicine connects you directly to your own inner energy and grounds you. It opens your mind for a very deep focus and you feel yourself on a higher level. Perfect for relaxing after a busy day.

The ingredients remain with the Huni Kuin tribe which makes this rapé highly sought after and exclusive.

Huni Kuin – Tsunu

Our Huni Kuin Tsunu is a very strong rapé made by the Huni Kuin tribe. The bark of the Pau-Pereira tree has for centuries been an important agent in the fight against various diseases. The Huni Kuin Tsunu rapé helps you to open your heart and eliminate energy imbalances. It encourages the release of diseases on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Huni Kuin – Murici

The indigenous tribes of the Amazon region use mulat as a main medicine to bring health. It is considered sacred for the treatment of various diseases. The Huni Kuin tribes prepare this rapé and call it “Warrior Rapé“. This blend contains many herbs and creates a strong force in both physical and energetic bodies/levels.

Huni Kuin – 7 Herbs

Our 7 Herbs blend is a very powerful rapé made by a shaman named Shaman Kupi. He is a member of the Huni Kuin tribe in the village of Pinuya. The medicines in this Rapé are mainly for colds, fevers and flu. This Rapé is also a dream stimulant.

This 7 Herbs rapé contains: Bunatura, Katsaral, Kuin Xia, Yuna dia, Batuma piti, Kushun dume, Yuna bata.

Huni Kuin – Mulateiro

Based on the traditional knowledge of the people of the Amazon, mulat was an important medicine to bring health to the original people. It is considered sacred for the treatment of various diseases. Huni Kuin Mulateiro rapé does this more intensely and strongly than most other rapés. There is a strong wave of energy at the beginning. This is followed by an evenly distributed feeling of peace and balance.

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