IGrowCan – Green Gelato Automatic

IGrowCan – Green Gelato Automatic


Pay attention! The maximum number of seeds per order: 5
You can only buy one kind of seeds per order


This cannabis grow kit makes it super easy to grow your own cannabis plant. The kit has been compiled with care, all items are of high quality and ensure an optimal growth process.

The box

With this design packaging, the iGrowCan is a nice gift to give away, for someone else or for yourself!


The coconut soil has been specially selected to create a beautiful healthy plant.


The nutrition provides the plant with all the necessary substances for the growth and flowering phase.

Grow plug

The breeding plug with its organic materials and special way of gluing, a predetermined pH and EC value and a fixed air-water ratio. ensures reliable, fast germination and strong roots.


Royal Queens seeds are feminized, organic and of high quality. Two are included, so you have a spare seed.

The IGrowCan meets all the requirements for the growth of a micro cannabis plant and is about 40 cm high. Put it on your windowsill so you can keep an eye on it and it will brighten up your living room!