Frankincense Musk – 12 Flower Incense Cones

Frankincense Musk – 12 Flower Incense Cones


12 cones of flower incense from The Mother’s Fragrances.

Experience: If you want to be awakened, excited, activated, Musk is the first choice. Musk gives you a boost that is healthier than an energy drink :-). Our Musk is unique because of its Saffron note. You will recognize this Musk out of thousands and never forget it for a lifetime by its exceptionalism.

Fragrance: Musk is a seductive musk one of a kind. She comes with an adventurous top note of saffron. An active fragrance that is very good for learning, studying or working concentrated. Also works well as an aid to wake up in the morning.


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