Indian Spirit Kratom – Red Borneo
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Indian Spirit Kratom – Red Borneo


Most Red Borneo users love this strain for its relaxing properties and mild sedative effect. A variety of Red Vein Borneo Kratom effects can be obtained using different doses, but in general the strain is praised for instilling a state of calm in both the mind and body. Additional immediate effects include a slight improvement in mood and energy levels, as well as fairly reliable pain relief.

People often use Red Borneo Kratom to address the following issues:

Chronic pain.

Like most strains of Kratom, Red Borneo provides pain relief without the excruciating side effects of conventional medications.


Red Vein Borneo Kratom is deeply relaxing, which can help users overcome anxiety caused by social interaction and even previous trauma.


One of the most appreciated effects of Red Borneo Kratom is its ability to increase energy levels and improve mood. Some people who suffer from depression find that it can help them cope with difficult episodes and reduce their occurrence.

While most users turn to Red Borneo to deal with chronic issues, this strain can also produce an opiate-like state of euphoria at certain doses. However, the feeling is not as explosive as with white veins and is usually accompanied by a deep state of relaxation.

How to use Kratom

There are several ways to take kratom. You can chew, smoke or make tea from the leaves. The latter method is probably the easiest way to use kratom.

You will usually find kratom powder outside the countries of origin. Users report that a dose of 3-5 grams works well. There are also extracts, but you need less of them. In addition to your own body weight and sensitivity, the dosage also depends a lot on the strength of the kratom.

1 gram: mild effect

3 grams: reasonable effect

5 grams: normal dose

10 grams: strong effect

11+ grams: very strong effect

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