Juicy Hemp Wraps — Blue

Juicy Hemp Wraps — Blue


Juicy Jay Hemp Blunt: Blue

These blackberry and blueberry flavored hemp blunt wraps are a thrill for blunt lovers. The Blue wraps are the perfect blunts to spin your blueberry-kush or blueberry-cheese weed in. The wraps contain no tobacco but are made of hemp. So they contain no nicotine and are cheaper than the regular blunt wraps. The Juicy Jay hemp wraps are packed per 2 pieces in a resealable package so the blunts keep the delicious berry flavor.

Blue Hemp Wraps
The packaging contains a closing strip and an extra possibility to open the packaging. If the closing strip does not work properly, you can always tear the package. Please note that if the package is not closed properly, the blunt papers may dry out and tear during rolling.


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