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Lemon Tek: The best way to consume truffles

Despite the desired strong psychedelic effects, truffles can take a while to kick in. The come-on sometimes results in stomach ache or nausea. However, it is possible to prevent the stomach ache and nausea.

Time for Lemon Tek, maybe the ultimate solution to optimize your trip.

What is Lemon Tek?

“Tek is a term used to describe a “technique” for cultivating or synthesising psychedelic substances. Lemon Tek is a technique that requires the use of lemons. The concept of Lemon Tek involves leaving a dose of magic truffles in lemon or in some cases lime juice before consuming them.

This method of growing truffles requires the substance to be “cooked”, as the citric acid begins to break down the mushroom material. Many psychonauts have claimed that Lemon Tek is the best way to consume psychedelic truffles or mushrooms.

How does it work?

As simple as Lemon Tek sounds, the process is quite complicated. Simply put: Lemon Tek converts the psychoactive substance of the truffles much faster. This allows a hallucinogenic effect to occur sooner, preventing stomach complaints and a longer trip. These are effects that people often complain about when using truffles.

Truffles contain psilocybin, a naturally occurring substance that is found in different types of mushrooms. Surprisingly enough, psilocybin is non-psychoactive and only generates mind-altering effects when our body converts it into psilocin after consumption. In this case, the specific chemical process is called dephosphorylation and can take up to two hours.

Dephosphorylation can occur in two different ways:

The “traditional” way: after eating truffles, psilocybin is converted into psilocin via the alkaline phosphatase enzyme in the intestine and kidney, or in acidic environments such as the stomach.

Lemon Tek: Since lemon juice has a pH of about two, it is acidic enough to convert psilocybin in the same way as the stomach. Lemon Tek converts the psilocybin into psilocin before it is consumed. The result is that your trip starts much earlier than when you would traditionally consume truffles.



  • Lemon
  • Magic truffles / Mushrooms
  • Cut a lemon into wedges to make juice easily.
  • Grind your mushrooms/truffles to powder and put them in a glass or mug.
  • Squeeze the lemons over your mushrooms/truffles. Make sure the mushrooms/truffles are completely covered to soak.
  • Soak the mushrooms/truffles in lemon juice for 20 to 25 minutes. Mix about every five minutes.
  • Bottoms up! Drink the entire mixture. It may taste foul and will be very sour.
  • Wait for the effects to follow. Remember that the induction time will most likely be faster than your previous truffle trips, so be prepared for the trip before you drink the mixture.
    Depending on how much water you want to add to your mixture, your Lemon Tek should look like a darker version of a lemonade drink. Some find it muddy water, with yellow tones.

Effects of Lemon Tek

Lemon Tek is meant to drastically speed up the process and shorten the come-up time to just 15 minutes, reducing the total trip time by one to two hours. Some psychonauts even report having a “smoother” trip with less body strain. The faster onset and shorter peak lead to users experiencing a much more intense experience when using the Lemon Tek.

Some psychonauts warn that the effects can feel up to twice as strong, so you might consider lowering the usual dose to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

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