Incense Amrita Nagchampa – 20 Sticks India Incense

Incense Amrita Nagchampa – 20 Sticks India Incense


Amrita Nagchampa – God’s drink

Smell: Amrita Nagchampa is a special combination of taste and smell with sweet, spicy and yet light notes of Cinnamon, mixed with a grounding Patchouli and powerful and stable Cedarwood oil. With this it forms a warm, rustic mixture of earth tones with sparkling spices, finished with a touch of mysticism of oriental resins. This fragrance will spice up your life.

Experience: Amrita is the honey drink of the gods. In yogis, the amrita can drip through their crown onto their tongues and give an ecstatic and divine feeling. For us it is like honey that gives us warmth, a feeling of tranquility at home.


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