Frankincense Sage (Herbal) – 24 Sticks Herbal Incense

Frankincense Sage (Herbal) – 24 Sticks Herbal Incense


Sage has traditionally been used to cleanse the atmosphere in rooms. However, the problem is that sage is not an attractive scent for most people. This has come to an end with our truly delightful Sage Herbal Incense.

Experience and enjoy the clean and happy atmosphere.

The scents of Mother’s Herbs incense are natural and rolled by hand and therefore have a calm and happy character. The incense scents are younger brothers and sisters of the Mother’s Scents floral incense and together with the Mother’s Golden Scents make a complete fragrance paradise. Mira incense lets you enjoy a beautiful life with scents and colors. The packages are marbled by hand in cheerful colours, which makes each package unique and personal.

Always be careful with fire. Therefore, always put the stick in a good incense holder. A fragrance brochure is included for the operation and use of the incense scents.


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