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Nukini – Lorinho e Cavinho

This Nukini rapé is very refreshing, strong, enlightening and very powerful. Get out of your head, put aside what you are sitting with and go straight back into your power. The rapé has a minty touch due to the refreshing, special herbs and plant medicines added by the Nukini tribe.

Nukini – Txamiraw

The Txamiraw rapé is very strong but very gentle. After the intensity you experience a mild and refreshing mind and at the same time you are very grounded and completely back in your body.

The Txamiraw is a beautiful and unique traditional Nukini rapé.

Nukini – Kapaxãba

This rapé needs no further explanation. The Nukini Kapaxãba rapé is very strong. It is a powerful Nukini rapé with the finest herbs.

Not recommended for beginners!

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