Frankincense – 5×6 Cleansing Herbs

Frankincense – 5×6 Cleansing Herbs


Contents: 6 sticks per fragrance (30 sticks total). The burning time per stick is + 15 min. A brochure with scent description and instructions for use is included.

Our herbal incense is of an exceptional quality. The use of The Mother’s Herbal Incense allows you to experience scents and feelings from nature in a unique way. Our herbal incense has a unique softness, because all ingredients are of natural origin.
De Moeders Geuren is an original incense brand that has not used chemical additives in its products since 1977.

The 5 Cleansing Herbs:
  • Eucalyptus : simplicity and clarity
  • Neem : antibacterial and very refreshing
  • Palo Santo – Sacred Wood : stable cleanser according to ancient rituals
  • Rosemary : clean honest and clear
  • Sage : pure cleanser according to the ancient Indians

Always be careful with fire and therefore always put the stick in a good incense holder and never leave the burning incense unattended.


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