Incense Palo Santo Extra (Holy Wood)

Incense Palo Santo Extra (Holy Wood)


The fragrance of Palo Santo Sacred Wood Extra is more resinous, a little sweeter, stronger and more complex with more layers. The fragrance is authentic and adventurous with something jungle-like. Excellent to use for cleansing the deeper layers. An instructive fragrance. A beautiful and strong alternative to Sage.

burning time per stick: about 1:45 hours (total 10 hours per pack)

Thick incense sticks
These natural, thick fragrance sticks are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Indoors for larger spaces and/or a longer burning time. Outside to keep mosquitoes and wasps away with smoke and smell. Many insects do not like smoke and certain smells interfere with their navigation skills.

The burning time per stick varies from 1:45 to 4 hours, depending on the scent and ingredients. One such ingredient is a resin called halmaddi. It gives a characteristic Indian note to the fragrance composition, so that the scent of the thick stick does not have to match the same scents in the thin sticks and cones, the fragrance oils, the cream sprays and in the beeswax forms.


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