Alice Forest Metal Rolling Tray Small (18L/14W)

Alice Forest Metal Rolling Tray Small (18L/14W)


What is a Rolling Tray?

A Rolling Tray is a must-have for rolling a joint! With a Rolling Tray you can easily roll your joint without losing a single crumb of your weed. These Rolling Trays catch everything that doesn’t end up in your joint. You often lose a lot of valuable weed while rolling a joint.

You can easily store all your smoking necessities on this Rolling Tray. The tray gives you the perfect surface to keep everything organized, including your grinder, your herbs, your rolling papers and much more. Take it anywhere so you always have a place to turn!


  • Roll your joints easily everywhere
  • Catches all your herbs
  • All your smoking supplies together
  • Made of metal
  • Size of 27 L/16 W


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