Colombian Growkit – 1200cc

Colombian Growkit – 1200cc


The Psilocybe cubensis Colombian is very popular for its strong effect, easy growth and abundant harvest. It is also known as the “social mushroom” because it allows for more social interaction for most individuals.

The Colombian mushrooms provide a stronger trip than, for example, the Mexican and Thai. The Colombian mushrooms provide an intense experience of the world around you, in addition, you are brought to higher spheres by the Colombian. The growing process of the Colombian All-in-one GrowKit takes more time.

The All-in-one GrowKit contains everything you need to grow your own Magic Mushrooms. This way you can grow the old trusted quality of the Mcsmart Magic Mushrooms yourself.

Just add water and follow the instructions. In addition to the GrowKit, the All-in-one GrowKit contains a grow bag with air filters and 2 paper clips.

On average, three flights are possible per GrowKit. In addition, the first flight usually delivers the greatest yield. For the 1200cc this will be about 400 grams.

Refrigerated, the GrowKit has a shelf life of about 6 months. Outside the refrigerator, the GrowKit has a limited shelf life.

Enjoy growing your own Magic Mushrooms!


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