Indian Spirit – Acorus calamus (sweet flag) – 50G Powder

Indian Spirit – Acorus calamus (sweet flag) – 50G Powder


The herb belongs to the Arum family. The plant resembles reed and is found in swamps and on riverbanks in North America, Europe and Asia.

After harvesting, the roots are dried. This herb is used for many different purposes. As a seasoning for liqueurs (Beerenburg and Soft Bitter), stimulant, stimulant, mouthwash, rejuvenating tonic and to improve potency and support memory.

Effects Kalmus

The main effects are that the herb is stimulating and uplifting and that it has a positive effect on the libido.

A small dose has a slightly euphoric effect, higher doses could cause a consciousness-expanding and hallucinogenic effect.

How do you use Kalmus?

Chewing calamus can have a refreshing effect on the breath. When making it into a tea-like drink, use 2 to 5 teaspoons, depending on the desired effect.

For a slightly euphoric, stimulating effect, take 1 or 2 teaspoons.

For a stimulating effect, soak 20 grams for a while and then boil in half a liter of water. Strain it and drink a few cups. It has a stronger effect on an empty stomach. For a consciousness-expanding effect, you can increase the dose.

The powder can be dissolved in a glass of fruit juice. A teaspoon is usually sufficient.

You can use this herb in combination with guarana, kola nut or other energizing herbs.

When you vaporize calamus as a herb, a temperature between 150 and 175ºC is recommended.

50 grams of powder.


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