Indian Spirit Blends – Soothing High

Indian Spirit Blends – Soothing High


The composition of 6 herbs gives you a mild and relaxing high. Skullcap, damiana, rose blossom, catmint in combination with passion flower provide the relaxing part. The latter herb is naturally a mild hallucinogen in higher doses. Sometimes this is used in combination with peat or mushrooms to increase the intensity of the trip.

Soothing High contains the following herbs:
• Passionflower
• Damiana
• Skull cap
• Catmint
• Peppermint
• Rose Blossom

A bag contains 50 grams of herbs. Put two heaped teaspoons in boiling water and let it bubble for 10-15 minutes. Then pour a cup of tea and let it cool completely. Drink the tea when it is at drinking temperature.


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