Indian Spirit – Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) – 25G Flowers

Indian Spirit – Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) – 25G Flowers


Nymphaea caerulea, also known as the blue lotus or sacred blue lily, is a water lily native to the Nile and other locations in East Africa. The effects of the blue lotus are both narcotic and euphoric, while at higher doses they are mildly hallucinogenic.

Effect of blue lotus

This herb can be deeply relaxing for the mind and body. Its calming properties make it great for meditation and yoga practice. It gives a mild sense of calm and euphoria, along with an altered sense of consciousness. Its effects combine very well with wine, highlighting the social and euphoric aspect. Some users also report a pleasant feeling of warmth around the head and upper body and a dreamlike feeling – as if life itself is a waking dream.

Blue lotus has both an anesthetic and a euphoric effect, and is slightly hallucinogenic in a higher dose. The flower is also said to increase sexual arousal and have a potency-enhancing effect.


To make tea, take 5 grams and soak it in hot water.

For a traditional Egyptian drink, soak the flowers in wine for several hours. Use about 5 grams per bottle. Do not exceed the recommended dose: blue lotus makes the wine bitter and difficult to drink. Sweet wine such as desert wine is generally recommended.

The herb can also be vaporized with a vaporizer. Use 0.25-0.5 g and evaporate at 100 °C to 125 °C degrees. The aporphine alkaloid evaporates at 125 degrees Celsius.

25 grams of dried flowers.


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