Indian Spirit – Damiana (Turnera diffusa) – 50G Shredded

Indian Spirit – Damiana (Turnera diffusa) – 50G Shredded


Leaves of Turnera diffusa (damiana) are traditionally used in Mexico to make an aphrodisiac tea. In addition to these aphrodisiac properties, damiana also has a wonderfully relaxing effect.

Damiana is the above-ground part of the plant (Turnera diffusa) that grows from Argentina to Southern California. Damiana can be smoked or drunk as a tea. Smoking Damiana causes a slight euphoria and a mild marijuana-like effect. This “high” lasts about 60 minutes.

Damiana is both a muscle relaxant and a sexual stimulant that promotes blood circulation in the genitals. It contains ingredients that directly stimulate the senses. When used regularly for a longer period of time, Damiana makes the erection more powerful in men and balances hormones in women.


Do not use in liver or urinary tract disorders.

50 grams of chopped herb.


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