Indian Spirit – Morning Glory (Ipomoea Tricolor) 10G

Indian Spirit – Morning Glory (Ipomoea Tricolor) 10G


The seeds of the morning glory plant (Ipomoea tricolor) contain a natural tryptamine called Lysergic Acid Amide (LSA), which is closely related to LSD. The seeds can be eaten.


Like LSD, LSA is a ‘psychedelic’ with strong mental effects. It can give you a quiet and dreamy experience. The main effects are a dreamy awareness, new insights, cheerfulness, and a strong interest in the things around you.

Keep in mind that there are side effects such as an extremely mellow feeling and a strong nausea before the start of the trip, which can last for more than an hour.


Because the seeds are eaten, the effect is influenced by what you last ate. On a relatively empty stomach, the first effects, in the form of nausea, will be noticeable after an hour. It can take several hours for the psychedelic effects to be strongest. The entire experience lasts between 6 and 10 hours.


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