Indian Spirit – Mulungu (Erythrina Mulungu) – 50G Shredded

Indian Spirit – Mulungu (Erythrina Mulungu) – 50G Shredded



Mulungu  is a tree native to Brazil, Peru and other tropical regions of South America. Usually mulungu grows in wet areas, especially in swamps and along riverbanks. It is a striking tree with orange, coral-like flowers and a height of between 10 and 14 meters. This makes it an impressively large tree and is also beautiful to see.

The bark and root of the tree have been used by indigenous tribes for many years to promote relaxation and achieve a state of tranquility. If you’ve never heard of it, you’re not alone! Besides being used in a small number of dietary supplements, mulungu bark has not received much attention from the general public in the Western world. Still, more and more people are beginning to see the benefits and effects of mulungu. Not only does it have mood-boosting effects, but it also supports healthy sleep patterns.

How to use

We recommend dissolving two heaped teaspoons in 250ml of boiling water. Then let the mixture stand for about 20 minutes; strain it through a filter before drinking.


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