Indian Spirit – Red Kwao Krua (50G)

Indian Spirit – Red Kwao Krua (50G)


Red Kwao Krua (Butea Superba)

Butea Superba is an herb originally from Thailand. The herb is mainly used by men and is considered a powerful natural aphrodisiac. Butea superba improves blood flow in the genitals, resulting in a stronger and longer erection.

The root of Butea Superba contains flavonoids and flavonoid glycosides that have a similar effect to that of the worldwide known brand pills.


Butea Superba therefore ensures an improved blood flow in the genitals, making the erection stronger and harder. This erection will also last a lot longer. Not surprisingly, this herb is often used to combat erectile dysfunction and is a main ingredient in several commercial supplements.

So far there are no known side effects.

Use & Dosage

Butea superba is best used in capsules. The recommended dose is 100-250mg.

Doses above 48mg/kg body weight are not recommended.


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