Indian Spirit – Salvia Extract 5X (1G)

Indian Spirit – Salvia Extract 5X (1G)


The 5x Salvia Extract is perfect for getting to know Salvia! Not everyone wants to completely dissolve in the universe the first time. That is why there are lighter variants of our Salvia Extract. Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty to see!

Salvia Divinorum is used in shamanic rituals to get in touch with the otherworldly. Salvia is also used as a recreational drug because of its special effects. When using Salvia Divinorum you experience a short but intense hallucinatory trip. The primary active ingredient responsible for this is Salvinorin A.

The product cannot be compared with other hallucinogenic products, which is also the reason that the pure variant is banned in several countries.

Salvia extracts are more concentrated than the salvia leaves. So be aware that the extracts are extremely strong and it is recommended that you only use this product if you have experience with Salvia.

Salvia Divinorum can be used in two ways: by smoking the herbs or by taking it orally.

To smoke
Smoking salvia is best done with a pure pipe or water pipe. Inhale the smoke deeply and hold it in for at least 20 seconds. The hallucinations occur almost immediately and are quite short, usually a few minutes.

When taken orally, you have to chew the herbs or put them under the tongue. When chewing, you should delay swallowing as long as possible. We recommend chewing for at least 10 minutes. The hallucinations occur after 10/20 minutes and have a longer effect than when the Salvia is smoked.


Because the effects of using Salvia Divinorum vary greatly from person to person, it is difficult to give a good dose. The S.A.L.V.I.A scale is a good indication and indicates what the effects are if you take a certain number of grams of Salvinorin A.

Level 1 Stoned:  The effects will be similar to marijuana, including the well-known laugh kick. The experience is therefore very subtle and for some will feel like nothing is happening.
Level 2 Think differently: Your thoughts will change and you will like music, colors and objects more beautiful. Laughter kicks are also common as well as a poor functioning of the short memory.
Level 3 LSD: You will start to see vivid hallucinations, such as geometric figures when you close your eyes and moving patterns on the wallpaper.
Level 4 Flying: Here you have reached the level that the medicine men are looking for. You ‘fly’, as it were, through different dimensions and you can completely forget reality. Medicine men believe that you are then taken to other worlds where you can learn about the past, present and future.
Level 5 Identity loss: You will get the feeling that you merge with, for example, the couch you are sitting on or your entire environment. You forget who or what you are and become one with the place where you are at that moment. For some, this can be ecstatic, while for others it can be very frightening.
Level 6 Amnesia: if you reach this level, you have actually gone too far. Because you don’t know where you are, this is very dangerous; you lose your memory, can become unconscious and sleepwalking is also common.

Before using the product, the following must be taken into account:

The presence of a sober friend when using the product is recommended.
Swallowing has no adverse health effects.
Noise can disrupt the Salvia trip. Use the product in a quiet environment.
Slow build up is recommended for beginners. Therefore, start with a lower strength.


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