Indian Spirit – Wormwood (Artemisia) – 50G Shredded

Indian Spirit – Wormwood (Artemisia) – 50G Shredded


Wormwood is a bitter-tasting, stem-like plant with grey-green leaves and yellow flowers. The English name is ‘wormwood’. It has a psychoactive effect and is known as a health product.


Wormwood is a psychological stimulant. The effect of wormwood is slightly anesthetic and it gives a peaceful and reassuring feeling. Hallucinations can also occur in combination with alcohol or in large quantities.
Wormwood is suitable for making tea, this tea has a beneficial effect during recovery after illness.
Also, wormwood in small doses increases appetite.


A common form of administration of wormwood is tea. Infuse one teaspoon of herb in a cup of water later, do not boil. However, the tea has a very bitter taste, there is little that can be done about this. You can put a little peppermint leaf or anise in the tea.

To make absinthe, let 40 grams of wormwood steep for 1 to 2 weeks in half a liter of spirits (eg Pernod). After straining, this potent drink is ready to use. Try a small glass first to properly dose the effect. See also the warnings.


Wormwood is poisonous. Frequent and prolonged use of wormwood leads to addiction, physical and mental decline and can cause nervousness, restlessness and cramps.

High doses can cause headaches and dizziness. Even higher doses are psycho-stimulating, cramp-inducing and have a paralyzing effect. The further intoxication picture in overdose progresses from random defecation to unconsciousness, coma and death.

When you have made the absinthe, try a small glass first and wait an hour for the effect. Please try again at another time. Better to dose too little and not notice anything, than to poison yourself or get sick.

Driving is strongly discouraged when under the influence of wormwood.

50 grams of chopped herb.


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