Kanna ET2+ 50x Extract (1 gram)

Kanna ET2+ 50x Extract (1 gram)


Kanna ET2+ 50x Extract

Kanna  is a narcotic plant that originated in South Africa. Its relaxing and euphoric properties are thought to have been known to indigenous tribes for over 300 years. ET2 Kanna extract is the most powerful Kanna extract. When ET2 Kanna extract is used as a snuff, it works very quickly and provides the strongest, relaxing and euphoric effect.

The effects of the South African Kanna plant (Sceletium tortuosum) are believed to have been known for over 300 years. Indigenous tribes used the Kanna plant as a recreational drug for pleasure and relaxation. Although there are several methods of using Kanna, such as taking Kanna extract in a capsule, vaporizing it or adding it to food, Kanna is traditionally used as a snuff or chewed.

Kanna ET2 extract is the most concentrated form of Kanna extract and is best used as a snuff, although it can also be used to make a tea. Compared to other Kanna extracts and powders, this extract is much more powerful and its use is therefore only recommended if you are an experienced Kanna user. When used as a snuff, Kanna can induce various effects such as relaxation, euphoria, and enhanced mental clarity and focus.


Because the ET2 Kanna extract is much more potent than other Kanna extracts, you only need small doses to achieve the desired effect.

For a light experience, it is best to start with 15-20mg Kanna ET2 extract. If you want a stronger effect, you can increase a single dose to 40-50mg.
When used as a snuff, the first effects of Kanna are noticeable within 3 minutes and they last for about 30 minutes.
If you use the ET2 Kanna extract to make tea, it will take longer to start, but the effects of Kanna can last up to two hours.

The strongest Kanna extract in our range! 50x extract. The active substances in Kanna mainly have a stimulating effect. They provide energy and/or a euphoric feeling. With a high dose you end up in a state that resembles an MDMA high.


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