Moonwalk (30ml)

Moonwalk (30ml)



Relaxed, floaty, endless

Moonwalk – completely relaxed in the here and now: The serenity of Passionflower and Calmus underlined with subtle energy by Catuaba and Guarana.

Liquid treat to a place with no gravity.

The Herbal Kicks contain 15% vol. organic alcohol and are available in 30 ml.
They are free from refined sugars, artificial flavors, preservatives and animal products (vegan), using only organic apple, agave and passion fruit juices.

The Kicks can be enjoyed directly or in delicious mixed drinks and cocktails – for example, passion fruit juice.

Shake well. Enjoy chilled.

With extracts of: Guarana*, Calamus*, Catuabaº and Passionflower*
*Biologically grown
ºFrom wild harvest

Moonwalk is a liqueur with herbs that neutralize gravity. Glide away wonderfully!

Kalmoes has a stimulating and uplifting effect and has a positive effect on the libido. A small dose has a slightly euphoric effect, higher doses can cause a consciousness-expanding and hallucinogenic effect.

Catuaba is mainly used as an aphrodisiac. It has a stimulating and potency enhancing effect. A warm feeling flows through your body but at the same time you feel very relaxed. Catuaba increases the sensitivity of the skin and genitals, and stimulates the sex drive. Orgasms become more intense and stamina increases.

Guarana comes from the tropical rainforests of Brazil. Guarana powder contains about 4.2% caffeine. The herb was used by many indigenous tribes as a hunting stimulant and as an aphrodisiac. Today, the herb is used worldwide, especially on the dance floor.

The main components of Passionflower are harmine and harmaline, which have a general calming and soothing effect.


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