Pure Mushrooms – Organic Chill Mix Extract (60caps)

Pure Mushrooms – Organic Chill Mix Extract (60caps)


Bio Chill Mix Extract

Pure Mushrooms Chill Mix Bio is a dietary supplement consisting of the popular mushrooms Reishi and Lion’s Mane. A unique mix for everyday use. One capsule contains 180mg Reishi extract and 180mg Lion’s Mane extract, supplemented with acerola extract for an extra boost of vitamin C.

Chill Mix is ​​suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

  • 180mg Reishi extract (17:1), 180mg Lion’s Mane extract (11:1), 20mg acerola per capsule
  • Daily dose: 2 capsules one to three times a day
  • 100% fruiting body extract
  • Grown on natural nutrient soil
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • 100% organic
  • Gluten, soy and dairy free
  • Supplied in a stand-up pouch with 60 capsules

A dosage of two capsules per day contains:

360mg full spectrum Lion’s Mane extract from adult parent bodies.
360mg full spectrum Reishi adult body extract.
40 mg plant acerola extract (source of vitamin C and antioxidants).

The capsules are made from vegetable cellulose. That also makes this supplement vegan.

Take them with a glass of water and stick to the dosage of 1 to 3 times two capsules per day.

Extracts of Pure Mushrooms

Pure Mushrooms’ organic mushroom supplements are slightly different from other mushroom capsules. You can think of them best as a tincture in a capsule. This is because the production process is completely designed to get the most out of the mushroom. Only the best mushrooms are hand-selected to make these capsules.

After organic cultivation, the mushrooms are immediately dried in a natural way. Normally, the dried mushrooms are then powdered and encapsulated, but not with Pure Mushrooms. The farmers know that the real power of the mushrooms only comes out when the rock-hard chitin in the mushrooms is broken. Chitin is the hardest substance produced by living things. The skeleton of an insect consists of chitin, but also the shell of the spores of mushrooms. We can’t digest this stuff just like that. That is why it must be soaked first.

The dried powder of this mushroom is simmered in hot water for 5 to 7 hours to get that done. The chitin and hard proteins then break down, releasing the valuable polysaccharides. The extract is then dried and extensively tested after transport to Europe.

What is Lion’s Mane good for?

Lion’s Mane neuropeptides are responsible for the growth, maintenance and proliferation of neurons and myelin in the brain. This specialized protein is necessary for the growth of sensory neurons in our brains. They play an essential role in the differentiation and survival of different nerve cell populations in the peripheral and central nervous systems.

Lion’s Mane promotes the process of myelination. This is the process of signal transmission through the nerves, which Lion’s Mane has been found to speed up.

People who want to contribute to concentration and learning can use Lion’s Mane very well. Lion’s Mane also has a positive effect on memory.

What is the effect of Reishi?

Studies showed that Reishi consisted of highly active beta-1,3-glucans with the ability to significantly boost our body’s natural immune system by activating immune cells. Mushroom and yeast beta-glucans are currently the most promising class of immune-stimulating substances.

In addition, it was concluded that secondary metabolites, the triterpenes, were present in significantly high amounts in the Reishi mushroom. Reishi contributes to the normal functioning of the blood vessels and the immune system. The Reishi mushroom is also beneficial for your condition, heart, brain, breathing and energy.


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