Venuswave (30ml)

Venuswave (30ml)


Venuswave – Herbal Liqueur 15% vol. 30ml

Stimulating, sensual, inspiring
Venuswave is the ideal drink for a passionate night: sensual moods of Damiana and Muira Puama meet the energizing properties of Cola Nut and Guarana.

The charming kick for a party or an intimate get-together.

The Herbal Kicks contain 15% vol. organic alcohol and are available in 30 ml.
They are free from refined sugars, artificial flavors, preservatives and animal products (vegan), using only organic apple, agave and passion fruit juices.

The Kicks can be enjoyed directly or in delicious mixed drinks and cocktails – for example red grape juice.

Shake well. Enjoy chilled.

With extracts of: Guarana*, Muira Puamaº, Damiana and Colanut
*Organically grown
ºFrom wild harvest


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