Wormwood (Artemisia)
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Wormwood (Artemisia)


Wormwood is a bitter-tasting, stem-like plant with grey-green leaves and yellow flowers. The English name is ‘wormwood’. It has a psychoactive effect and is known as a health product.


Wormwood is a psychological stimulant. The effect of wormwood is slightly anesthetic and it gives a peaceful and reassuring feeling. Hallucinations can also occur in combination with alcohol or in large quantities.
Wormwood is suitable for making tea, this tea has a beneficial effect during recovery after illness.
Also, wormwood in small doses increases appetite.

How to use

A common form of administration of wormwood is tea. Infuse one teaspoon of herb in a cup of water later, do not boil. However, the tea has a very bitter taste, there is little that can be done about this. You can put a little peppermint leaf or anise in the tea.

To make absinthe, let 40 grams of wormwood steep for 1 to 2 weeks in half a liter of spirits (eg Pernod). After straining, this potent drink is ready to use. Try a small glass first to properly dose the effect.

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