Buddha Figurine – Seated

Buddha Figurine – Seated



This Buddha statue is made of soapstone. It is also made by hand.

The Thai Buddha; meaning

Buddha is widely known for bringing good luck and stability. Follow your gut feeling when you buy a Buddha, as it also represents your personal and spiritual development.

It is sometimes said that you can only give a Buddha as a gift, and therefore not buy it for yourself. This is something that was invented by our Western society a long time ago.

If you buy a Buddha with the right intention, it will surely bring you good luck.

Thai Buddha

This Buddha is originally from India and is also called Gautama or Sakyamuni Buddha.

The story tells us that he was a rich prince who had everything his heart desired. One day he was confronted with the suffering in this world and he decided that this would change.

He exchanged his rich life for a simple and simple existence. He sat meditating all the time under a bodhi tree and thought about all the troubles in the world. One day he got an insight and saw what was the cause of all the misery. At that point he reached a state of enlightenment; Buddhism stems from this.

The current Eastern Buddha statues still represent this figure exactly. The Thai Buddha has a slender build and sits cross-legged with a robe. He has his long earlobes by wearing noble earrings. His bulbous knot is a symbol of wisdom and spirituality.

Some Buddhas have a dot on the center of their forehead. This dot represents divinity.


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