Sage Mix – White, Blue and Dragon’s Blood Sage


A beautiful combination of high quality White Sage, Dragon’s Blood and Blue Sage Smudge sticks. A great cleansing pack!

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White Sage

White sage is widely used for aura cleansing and cleaning living spaces. In addition, white sage strengthens vision, faith and spirituality. It has a strong cleansing, vitalizing effect and promotes skillful action and clarity.

Dragon’s Blood

Dragon’s Blood represents love, protection and purification. The scent strengthens your inner strength, which boosts your self-confidence. Dragon’s blood stimulates perseverance to achieve your goals and dreams.

Blue Sage / Blue Sage

Blue Sage is known as “Grandmother Sage”. Blue Sage is also called Gray Sage or Rocky Mountain Sage, but the color is light gray blue and the aroma is of sweet mountain air and a light fresh scent. It is a bit sweeter and softer than the White Sage. White sage can have a very pungent smell for some people. Blue Sage is also very grounding.


You use the Smudge sticks by lighting the top. You blow out the flame so that the top glows. The fragrant smoke spreads through the room. You can use the stick several times by extinguishing it in a fireproof dish/or an Abalone shell. The use of an Abalone shell ensures the presence of all four elements. The Abalone shell represents the element of water. Lighting the smudge represents fire, the smoke that is released represents air and the smudge itself represents the element of earth.


1 x White Sage Smudgestick, 1 x Blue Sage Smudgestick and 1 x Dragon’s Blood Sage Smudgestick.


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