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Timeless, the Holy Moly magic mushroom

‘Timeless’ is a hugely potent visual magic mushroom available from Indian Spirit. This magic mushroom is new and very similar to the Valhalla truffle.

These magic mushrooms are perfect for the trained psychonauts! They offer intense trips with strong visuals and the most profound thoughts. Prepare for powerful visual hallucinations, a heavy onset of strong and profound thoughts, and a strong sense of oneness with those around you.

These special Timeless magic mushrooms are not available in other online stores and are specially grown to amaze you. What you can say after this trip is, HOLY MOLY, what a trip!

We know at least one thing for sure; these powerful magic mushrooms are a must-have for any psychonaut looking for a new, intense & unique trip.

The effects of this mushroom strain will vary from person to person. This has to do with your state of mind, your environment, the dosage and other variables. Overall, they provide an intense, mind-opening trip with powerful visuals, deep thoughts and a strong sense of unity. In short, if you are looking for a journey through the universe, our Timeless magic mushrooms are perfect for you!

Depending on how you use them, you will start to notice the effects of these truffles within 30 minutes to 1 hour and they will last for about 6 hours.

The mushrooms can be kept in the refrigerator for months in their unopened packaging (see packaging). Once opened, they can be kept for up to 2 days.

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