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What is Balloon Pea?

Balloon Pea, Sutherlandia frutescens, is a South African legume and is native to the dry parts of southern Africa, in the Western Cape and along the west coast as far north as Namibia and into Botswana, and in the Western Karoo as far south as the Eastern Cape. It is a shrub with bitter, aromatic leaves. Its red-orange flowers appear in spring to mid-summer. Balloon Pea is a small shrub that grows to about 1 metre in height.

The genus Sutherlandia is named after James Sutherland, the first superintendent of the Edinburgh Botanic Garden. Because of its efficacy as a safe tonic for various health problems, it has long been used by all cultures in southern Africa.

Effects Balloon Pea

Balloon Pea is considered the most profound and versatile medicinal plant in southern Africa. Because it is effective as a safe tonic for various health problems, it has a long history of use by all cultures in Southern Africa.

Balloon Pea is known to reduce irritability and improve mood. Balloon Pea also dramatically improves appetite. It is known to improve energy levels and give a better feeling of well-being.

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